To any length

Am I willing to go?

Like the tree branch that is redirected from the direction of the house, I’ve slowly adapted to growing in a new way.. Away from destruction.

Glimpses of me catching myself genuinely welling up with tears over the witness of another’s breakthrough. Who am I?

I trust that I see others consistently changing, and that it must be happening for me too.

New behaviors, reactions, and choices don’t just fall in my lap though, it takes work, conscious awareness of my part.

I see myself; as I really am.. Becoming more and never less than my true Self.

I suit up and show up to help people today, including me! No matter what.

Spontaneousness is taking over.

I’m out of control, and loving it.

“We’re going from bad daze, to badd days baby!” -Rev. Michael, Agape



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