My person

A whole year since I’ve seen the perfection of that face..

He’s so excited to see me he jumps up, wraps his little legs around me, squeezes me, and tells me he loves me.

We are proud of each other.

He says I’m his idol, alongside Slash.

He compliments me, and wants nothing from me.. except to know that I am his and he is mine.

He lives in his creative genius.

A shadow I do not run from.

We mirror each other in silly and sound.

He makes me laugh until the back of my head hurts.

He sits snugly in the same chair as me, even though both our comfort levels are compromised; we don’t care.

He holds my hand with fingers interlocked, with such grace.

I may have been on the planet 20 years and 10 days longer than him, but our souls are aligned.

My Pisces.

My posse.

My nephew.

The only time I hit my knees in prayer is at his bedside.

I well up with tears because God exists, even if I only realize it one week out of a year; he’s present with us.

Cut from the same cloth..

I tuck my sweet boy in and kiss him goodnight. And I mean it.

When I turn out his light and close his bedroom door, I stand quietly just to hear him still giggling.

I love you kid.

Ad infinitum.



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